Plate Saw Cutting

INDTOOLS Plate Saw Cutting Machine Model

1 Heavy Duty torsion free Steel Structure.
2 Extra -long travel of sawing head to change saw blade conveniently.
3 Full length bed plate to rest raw plate conveniently, cut piece remain on the bed plate.
4 Either side motorized roller table as per the raw plate length and cut piece length (optional).
5 Thin to thick from 5 mm to 100 mm plate can be cut conveniently with high degree of accuracy.
6 All types of Ferrous, Non Ferrous and non- metal can be cut conveniently.
7 Electric motor is coupled to the High Speed reduction Spindle box thought timer belts &pully.
8 The Cutter feed motion is through Servo motor and ball screw as per program in PLC/HMI.
9 Cutter feed movement shall be over the table on linear motion guides.
10 Cutter speed is controlled by AC VFD.
11 Micro Mist Cooling arrangement as Standard Supply.
12 Material support table suitable for max. 600 mm plate shall be provided.
13 Job clamping shall be by hydraulic cylinder.
14 Cut length setting shall be done manually as per the Laser Light reference line.
15 Cutting Swarf collection shall be through plate type chip conveyor and collected in a bin.
16 Sequential control of the machine is by PLC.
17 Cut Piece should be collected manually of by EOT crane.
18 Job loading on the table shall be by EOT Crane or fork lift.

Note: Change in feature/construction may be possible as it is continuous process of modification/development. Please get confirmation before ordering.

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Plate Saw Cutting Machine

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