Year    Description
1985 Started in the Name of Indore Tools as a Commercial Tool Room for manufacture of lig. Fixtures & Press tools and also developed Portable Timing Type Band saw Machines.
1987 Designed and developed 100% indigenous India’s first Double Column Types Metal Cutting Band saw Machine, Model 260 DCA & supplied to M/s Western India Forgings Pvt . Ltd. Pune.
1989 Designed and developed Model 340 & 530 DCTV Band Saw Machine and displayed in ‘IMTEX Show’ at Mumbai.
1990 Designed and developed Model 650 & 800 DCTV saw Machine.
1992 Designed and developed fully automatic 420 DCA, 1000 DCTV & 260 DC CNC.
1993 Indore Tools get converted to ITL Industries Limited as a Public Limited Company Listed Bombay Stock Exchanges. In this year, Government of India had removed Double Column Band saw Machine from OGL List as per the recommendation of DGTD because of developments at ITL to save foreign exchanges.
1995 Introduced 420 DCTV programmable Band Saw Machine in European Market through ‘EMO Hanover Show’.
1996 Entered into Technical Collaboration with Buy Back Arrangement with M/s KASTO Machinenbau  GamH Germany, for mfg. of three models of Power Hack saw Machine.
1997 Introduced India’s first ever largest Band Saw Machine, Model 1250DCTV.
1998 Introduced Vertical Band Saw Machine including Model 200 V2 & 300 V3.
1999 ITL took over the activity of pipe & Tube Machine Division to produce machines like Swaging Machines, Pointing machines, Tube Straightening Machine, Draw Bends from M/s  Dewas Tools Limited.
2000 Introduced Programmable Double Column Band Saw Machine in USA Market through IMTA Show, in Chicago.
2001 In Global Competition, secured first E supply Order for design & manufacture o three numbers Generator stator Bar Press worth USD 1.52 million from M/s General Power System (G.E.), USA.
2002 ITL International  LLC a subsidiary to ITL was started in Pittsburg, USA, to cater and serve to the needs of American Customers, Also first ever Tube Mill of 3” capacity manufactured and supplied to M/s Pennar  Industries, Hyderabad.
2003 Took over India’s leading Pipe & Tube Equipments manufacturing Company M/s  Technomac  Engineers, Ghaziabad, Mr. C.P. Gupta, CMD, joined ITL  as Advisor and them on ITL board as Director –Projects Also designed and developed India’s first Band Saw Machine, Model 1520 DCTV and supplied to M/s BHEL, CFFP, Hardware.
2004 Designed developed and manufactured first ever CNC Carbide Tipped Saw Circular Saw Machine, Model CSNC 70 and introduced the same in Tool Tech Shoe’ at Mumbai.
2005 Designed developed & manufactured Carbide, Tipped Circular Saw Machine, Model CSNC 200 & supplied to M/s Nalco.
2006 Designed and manufactured India’s first Double Column Band Saw Machine, Model 1800 DCTV and supplied to M/s Heavy Engineers Corporation, Ranchi.
2007 Introduced Circular Saw Machine, Model CSNC 250 and supplied to M/s Ordnance Factory.
2008 Introduced Circular Saw Machine, Models CSNC 100, 125 & 165.
2009 M/s Steel Authority of India Ltd awarded Turnkey Project for manufacture of Tubes & Pipes ranging ½” to 8” along with necessary   Equipments, Cranes, Workshop & Laboratory Equipments Worth Rs. 54.00 crores (USD 11.5 million).
2010 Design & manufactured India’s First Double Column LMG type Motorized Swiveling Mitre Cutting Angles in Range 90°-75°-60°-45°– and introduced same in ‘IMTEX’at Bangalore.
2011 Introduced Carbide Circular Sawing Machine, Model CSNC 220 Designed & Developed state of the art New fly Cut off Machine for Tube Mills to obtain Burr free Cuts using special purpose Helical gearbox.
2012 Design & Manufactured India’s First Double Head (Patent Applied) Burr Free Cold Saw Fly Cut off which Enhance your Tub Mill productivity as speed achievable up to 120m/min(20 cuts/min of 6 m) and introduced the same in ‘TUBE & PIPE’ Dusseldorf  at Mumbai.
2013 Design & manufactured India’s First NC Servo Driven Controlled Double Column LMGNC Type Band Saw Machine and introduced the same in ‘IMTEX Tooltech’ at Bangalore.
2014 The department of Scientific and Industrial Research (Ministry of Science and Technology) has accorded recognition to the “In House R&D Unit” of the company.
2015 The company putting its efforts to make entry into export market in the USA, Europe and Taiwan/China through dealers for Carbide Circular Sawing Machine and Band Saw Machine.
2016 Two new larger size models of CSNC Carbide Circular Saw Machine for steel cutting have been further developed during the year.
2017  New low cost automation have been added to the machines with Robotics for Indian and Overseas Customers.
2018  New “Industry 4.0” standard will be necessary in future machine tools hence necessary developmental activities have been started.
2019 NC Metal Cutting Bandsaw Machines as well as large capacity Carbide Circular Sawing Machines are at final stage of trials. Pipe and Tube Division has developed state of the art, very economical and highly reliable “On Line Burr Free Fly Cutoff” for conventional tube/pipe mills.