Circular Saw Cutting Machine

INDTOOLS Pipe Cutting Circular Sawing Machine Model

1 ITL offers state of the art highly efficient and productive High Speed Circular Sawing Machines in different sizes as per specification mentioned below.
2 These machines are designed to adopt HSS/TCT saws depending on the customer’s requirements.
3 These machines are suitable for ferrous & non-ferrous metals – Tubes, Pipes etc.
4 Machine has been designed such that small dia pipes can be cut in bunch as per clamping space available.
5 Electric motor is coupled to the reduction Gear Box through timer belt and cutter drive arrangement is mounted on Linear Guide Ways for vibration free cutting to optimize production and tool life
6 The Cutter feed motion is control by Ball Screw & Servo Motor.
7 Single piece construction of cutter arbor with Gear Box shaft gives run out free rotation to the cutter.
8 The saw speed is controlled by A.C. Frequency Drive depending upon the application from operator control.
9 The machine is equipped with Flood Cooling. Micromist Spray optional for TCT Cutter
10 Special material indexing arrangement shall be provided to cut in specified length automatically
11 Sequential control of the machine is by PLC & HMI. Operational parameters like Feed rate, Cutter speed, Number of cuts to be cut, Job size, Cut length etc can be pre programmed.
12 Machine has a facility to indicate cutting time, cycle time & No of Cut completed.
13 Various Programmes of large size cut length & dia meter can be stored for future requirments.

Note: Change in feature/construction may be possible as it is continuous process of modification/development. Please get confirmation before ordering.

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