Double Column Horizontal Bandsaw Machine

INDTOOLS High Speed Double Column with Linear Motion Guide (LMG) Fully Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw Machine (NC)

1 Fully heavy duty welded structure torsion free construction.
2 Cutting head up-down movement guided in Vertical pair of imported linear Motion bearing guides for jerk free movement.
3 Infinitely variable pressure controlled cutting feed & upward return rapid
movement by hydraulic cylinder.
4 Auto height stop on return stroke of cutting arm.
5 Coolant tank with 140 Ltr. capacity and powered with 0.27 HP motor.
6 Tungsten Carbide face guides with ball bearings.
7 Hydraulically operated rotating cleaning wire brush.
8 Auto moving blade guide arrangement.
9 Hydraulically operated main vice and shuttle vice.
10 Auto sequencing operation with PLC.
11 Cutting feed and rapid reverse of cutting arm.
12 When hydraulic power of machine is off, the tension on the blade is released so as to avoid fatigue stresses.
13 Automatic clamping before cutting arm starts moving down for cutting.
14 Shuttle vice release and clamps as the cycle is set & synchronized with length indexing table.
15 Apart from fully automatic cycle, manual mode is provided to facilitate initial setting.
16 Automatic machine stop when blade fails.
17 Advanced PLC control with most intelligent program of controlling the cutting parameters helps in
achieving exceptionally high cutting rates with excellent cut accuracy.
18 Touch screen HMI helps very easy operation of the machine.Menu type selection which is operator friendly with visually appealing display.
19 HMI displays all the important information like cutting time, no. of cuts completed cut length, servo motor torque etc.
20 Super precise Servo controlled movement of blade helps in achieving phenomenal tool life.
21 Blade deflection sensor for controlling vertical deflection of blade during cutting. This feature avoid material wastage.
22 Automatic feed regulation and sensing of the cutting load on the blade helps in preventing pre-mature failure of blades. Also when the blade gets dull/blunt, the machine stops automatically.Thereby, reduced manual supervision requirement to run the machine.
23 Tower Lamp indicates whether the machine is running in production or standing idle.
24 Auto height stop on return stroke of cutting arm. Additional safety provided in case if the auto height limit switch fails/malfunctions. So blade is protected from getting damaged.
25 Powerful coolant pump provides gushing coolant into the cutting area helps in the removal of chips effectively, cooling the blade & the job, thereby enhancing the blade life.
26 Heavy Duty Blade Guides parallel to the blade line makes it perfectly aligned and rigidly guides the blades into the job, hence no taper cutting problem.
27 Easy access to hydraulic power pack, control panel and coolant tank for prevent maintenance and

Note: Change in feature/construction may be possible as it is continuous process of modification/development. Please get confirmation before ordering.

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