Double Column Horizontal Bandsaw Machine

INDTOOLS High Speed Double Column with Linear Motion Guide (LMG) Fully Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw Machine

1 Fully heavy duty welded structure torsion free construction.
2 Cutting head up-down movement guided in Vertical pair of imported linear Motion bearing for jerk free movement.
3 Infinitely variable pressure controlled cutting feed & upward return rapid movement by hydraulic cylinder.
4 Quick approach of cutting head upto the bar before cutting starts to enhance productivity.
5 Coolant tank with 100 Ltr. capacity and powered with electric coolant pump.
6 Adjustable tungsten carbide face blade guides with ball bearings at either side of cutting bar
7 Hydraulically operated main vice with double acting full stroke cylinder
8 Hydraulically operated shuttle vice with double acting full stroke cylinder for smoothe and accurate material indexing
9 Automatic return of cutting head much above the bar after cutting to safe height to save blade damage by bar while indexing.
10 Hydraulically controlled automatic feed regulation through a state of the art sensor to Optimize production and tool life.
11 High pressure coolant jets through blade guide helps coolant to enter in to the bar through blade gullets to optimize productivity and tool life.
12 Automatic blade guide setting with the opening and closing of moving vice to avoid accident due
to negligence of the operator. Also, moving blade guide always remains very close to the bar.
13 Cutting feed through infinitiely variable flow control valve with cutting pressure regulation, as per the material property.
14 Heavy duty Warm reduction gear box for blade rotation to minimize polygon effect to enhance tool life, surface finish and minimize vibration during cutting.
15 Heavy duty energy efficient electric motor directly coupled to the gear box to minimize belt slippage losses.
16 Control panel with necessary switch gear and step down transformer for control circuit
17 Split vice:- Machine is designed to offer burr free cutting with the help of split vice were in raw material bar and cut piece are clamped rigidly till the cutting head goes up after cutting which also avoid rubbing of blade.
18 To optimize productivity and blade life, constant beam strength is obtained through a
contentiously monitored stretching of blade through a hydraulically operated blade tension arrangement.
19 Linear motion guide rail & bearings on vertical columns are lubricated through oil pump.
20 Hydraulic power pack with sufficient oil tank capacity and necessary control elements is provided on the machine.
21 Cutting feed and rapid reverse of cutting arm.
22 Automatic machine stop when blade fails.
23 Blade Tensioning when hydraulic power is on and tension release no sooner machine is off to minimize fatigue stresses.
24 Auto stop of machine when blade breaks.
25 Blade guards for operator safety near clamping area.
26 Auto indexing shuttle of stroke length of 400 mm and synchronized with auto cycle.
27 Proper illumination at working area by LED light.
28 Complete set of tools for routine maintenance of machine.
29 Digital down feed indicator for ensuring uniform cutting feed.(Optional)

Note: Change in feature/construction may be possible as it is continuous process of modification/development. Please get confirmation before ordering.

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