Special Purpose Gantry Type Bandsaw Machine

INDTOOLS-High Speed Special Purpose Gantry Type Sliding Head Horizontal Servo

1 Fully heavy duty welded structure torsion free construction.
2 Driver and driven wheel which carry endless blade in horizontal plain, enable blade to cut horizontal.
3 Cutting arm can be set at desired height which slides on two vertical column fitted with imported LMG Rails with up down movement by Servo motor and ball screw
4 Cutting head moves along the length on imported LMG Rails
5 Cutting head returns at the end of cutting stroke and reaches back to home position for next slice.
6 Infinitely variable feed with rack and pinion arrangement for Cutting head control by servo motor.
7 Tungsten Carbide face guides with ball bearings.
8 Separate cabinet of Control panel with all necessary switchgears, fuses, indicators & push buttons & mounted on machine.
9 Hydraulic blade tensioning with blade stress gradual release on machine turn off
10 Job clamping to be done manually as per the requirement
11 Rotatory blade guides shall be provided for horizontal and vertical cutting .
12 Machine will have ITL Standard colour.
13 A.C. frequency control drive for infinite variation of blade speed thru control panel.
14 Tool box with suitable tools shall be supplied with the machine.
15 LED lamp shall be provided for proper illumination of working area.

Note: Change in feature/construction may be possible as it is continuous process of modification/development. Please get confirmation before ordering.

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Bandsaw Horizontal- Gantry Type

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