Circular Saw Machine

INDTOOLS Circular Sawing Machine for Aluminum Cutting

1 Electric motor is coupled to the multi-stage reduction helical type Gear Box through timer belt & timing pulley, cutter drive arrangement is mounted on Linear Guide Ways for vibration free cutting to optimize production and tool life.
2 The Cutter feed motion is controlled by Ball Screw & Servo Motor.
3 Magnetic Particle brakes to compensate for arresting any backlash in the gearbox- Helps in perfectly positive feeding of cutter and achieving very high tool life.
4 Single piece construction of cutter arbor with Gear Box shaft gives run out free rotation to the cutter.
5 The saw speed is controlled by A.C. Frequency Drive depending upon the application from operator control.
6 The machine is equipped with Micro Mist Cooling arrangement as Standard Supply.
7 Clamping arrangement is used on shuttle system to index raw material stock of desired length. The shuttle stroke is 1000 mm controlled by Ball Screw & Servo motor. Special feature is provided wherein for small piece cutting, shuttle vise remains clamped till it reaches the end position to optimize productivity.
8 After every cut, saw does not return back till bar stock and cut piece moves away from the saw so that cutter does not touch from side on return stroke to optimize tool life.
9 For Sections and Tubes, special feature of Slow entry and slow exit is possible to program.
10 To obtain good finish cut, magnetic particle clutch brake is provided on gear box.
11 For longer cut pieces above 150 mm, motorized conveyor of 1000 or 2000 mm length can be
opted at extra cost.
12 Long cut piece can be cross transferred automatically for onward feeding.(optional)
13 Auto Bar Loader for 4000 or 6000 mm long bars can be opted at extra cost.
14 Screw type Chip Auger (Swarf Conveyor) is provided as standard feature of the machine.
15 Smoke / Fume is exhausted to atmosphere from cutting area by a high flow special fan.
16 Automatic separation of first and last crop cut and end piece is possible through PLC program.
17 LED Light illumination is provided inside the cabinet where cutting is done.
18 To avoid damage to the HMI screen, Mouse shall be used for operation and programming.
19 For remote monitoring and program modification through Wi-Fi, Remote Monitoring feature can be added at extra cost.
20 Remnant length i.e. end piece length upto 75 mm is possible
21 Hydraulic Power pack is provided with built in tank feature for easy maintenance.
22 Automatic programmable Oil Lubrication System is provided for moving parts.
23 Tower Light for machine operation indication
24 All electric motors are of IP-54 protection grade.
25 Tool Box for CSM as standard supply with machine.
26 Very unique roller type heavy duty construction of the shuttle system for proper resting of the job which removes load on the shuttle vice carriage thus life of indexing servo and all mechanical parts of index system gets enhanced.
27 Floating type shuttle vice system to accommodate and index bend bars without any trouble.
29 For Main vice – Sturdy Inclined as well as Horizontal clamping option is provided for round or RCS job cutting.
31 Sequential control of the machine is by PLC & HMI. Operational parameters like Feed rate, Cutter speed, Nos. of cuts to be done, Job size, Cut length etc can be pre programmed.
32 Machine has a facility to indicate cutting time, cycle time & No of Cuts completed.
33 For  Aluminum cutting high speed gearbox shall be used for getting smooth surface and better tool life.
34 For collection of light cutting chips Vaccume dust collection can be installed additionally.

Note: Change in feature/construction may be possible as it is continuous process of modification/development. Please get confirmation before ordering.

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Machine Details

Numerical Controlled Circular Sawing Machine

Circular Saw Machine Model ITL-CSNC 175 AL

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