Vertical Bandsaw Machine

INDTOOLS Vertical Band Sawing Machine

1 Fully heavy duty welded structure torsion free construction.
2 Seperate Coolant tank with sufficient powered motor for circulating type coolant arrangement.
3 Friction type rotating cleaning wire brush.
4 Tungsten Carbide face guides with ball bearings.
5 Stationary table construction for cutting light weight material manually
6 Table with manual movement shall be provided for cutting medium weight matrial
7 Hydraulically operated table movement for heavy jobs 
8 Special job holding fixture can be mounted on table
9 “T” slots also can be provided on the table for clamping different shape and size of material.
10 Micro-mist cooling arrangement can also be provided for cutting Aluminum material.
11 Proper illumination with LED light at the working area for ease of operator.
12 Variable Frequency Drive can be provided for controlling blade speed through control panel.
13 90°  blade twisting helps in cross cut application 
14 High speed blade rotation shall be provided for cutting soft material like aluminum 

Note: Change in feature/construction may be possible as it is continuous process of modification/development. Please get confirmation before ordering.

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Vertical Bandsaw Machine

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