Micro- Mist Oil

Mist Oil

ITL Microlube Fluid is a premium plant-based metal cutting lubricant that provides highest lubricity to the cutting edge of any tool and cleans-up the disposal. ITL Microlube is 100% envoirmenally safe.

• FE 3000 – Suitable for Ferrous Materials.
• FE ECO – Suitable for Ferrous Materials.
• AL 5000 – Suitable for Aluminium.
• NF 1000 – Suitable for Non Ferrous Materials.

• NF NEO – Suitable for all Non Ferrous Materials.
• SS SPL – Suitable for Staim.

Carbide tipped bandsaw blade is essentially used for sawing tough alloys such as Cobalt, Nickel, Zirconium and Titanium based metal with extremely good surface finish. Higher cutting rates can be achieved in cutting S.S., High Alloy and Tool Steels.

S. No. Brand Size  Material Usage/Application Country of Origin
1 REMSWEGS  FE 3000 BLUE  Micro- Mist Cutting Oil  Suitable for Ferrous Materials INDIA
2 REMSWEGS  AL 5000 YELLOW Micro- Mist Cutting Oil  Suitable for AL Materials INDIA
3 REMSWEGS  NE 1000 GREEN Micro- Mist Cutting Oil  Suitable for Non Ferrous Materials INDIA
4 REMSWEGS  SS SPL Micro- Mist Cutting Oil  Suitable for SS Materials INDIA

Note: Change in feature/construction may be possible as it is continuous process of modification/development. Please get confirmation before ordering.