Flying Cut-Off Machine

Twin saw head for large dia Fly cutoff Machine

Twin saw head for large dia Fly Cutoff Machine


ITL Industries Ltd. upcoming Tubes Mills, Burr Free Cold Cutt off Saw, Tube Straightening Machine and other allied equipments for Tube industry has yet come up with first time in the country a “Burr Free Double Head Cold CuttOff Saw”. This concept is design, developed and manufactured for the first time in India & suitable for tubes from 3” NB to 10” NB upto 8 mm thickness and maximum speed of 45met. /min can be achieved for 3” tube.

The machine is based on 5 axis with both the cutters & indexing of the trolley based on Servo Motors from B&R Austria. The trolley movement is on a Rake & Pinion arrangement with a zero Backlash Gear Box from ATLANTA Germany.

The Double Head COC is provided with Servo Drive, so that both TCT as well as coated HSS saw / Cutters can be used depending upon the thickness of the tube to be cut with equal ease. The machine is equipped with special features of giving alarm on dullness / worning out of the cutters. Necessitate change of cutter to, saves excessive wear of saw blade tooth width intern can be sent for resharpening.

Special features of aligning both the cutter in the same axis has been provided by virtue of which both the cutters can be brought into same plane before cutting, so their is no line mark on the cut surface by both the cutters. The machine is equipped with flood coolant as well as micro mist spray system of UNIST (USA) for cooling and life of Cutters. For better and smooth life of moving parts, PLC controlled automatic centralized lubricating system is provided.

The equipment is made very user friendly with minimum data to be feed on the touch screen provided on the control desk. Few basic inputs like size of the Pipe, Wall thickness, Cut length and blade dimension is to be fed to the system. Based on which the machine automatically selects its cutting speed & feed making it independable of the skill of operator.

Last but not the least with the development of this Double Head Cold CuttOff Saw ITL has ventured into a league of world class Tube Equipment manufactures.

Note: Change in feature/construction may be possible as it is continuous process of modification/development. Please get confirmation before ordering.

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Twin saw head for large dia Fly Cutoff Machine

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