Circular Saw Machine

Numerically Controlled High Speed Circular Saw Machine upto 50mm dia Model ITL- CSNC 50

Carbide Circular Saw
  • High precision machine with the cut-length accuracy up to +/- 0.050 mm. Using high precision ball screw with AC Servo motor for the super fast and precise movement of the shuttle table.
  • Rigid construction of the Slant type cutting head, moves on state of the art Linear Motion Guide ways which facilitates very accurate and nearly friction less movement. Because of the use of linear motion guides the life of cutter is substantially increased. 
  • Micro mist oil used as coolant is clean, eco-friendly and highly effective. No water-flood coolant is used thus no spillage and no dirty shop-floors. No requirement of coolant filtration processing. Swarf generated from cutting is absolutely dry thus the cost-realization of scrap after selling is much better than conventional band-sawing machines. This implies better business economics ! 
  • Controlled Crop cut feature for precise length setting of first cut piece of new bar.
  • Ergonomically designed Electric control panel with HMI touch screen, located at the front-bottom for easy operation and maintenance. 
  • Back-Lash Free Gear Box using Electro Magnetic Powder Break Mechanism, which improves the cutting finish and enhances the cutter life. 
  • HMI Self diagnostic feature for easy trouble shooting, warning, cautions, alerts, etc.   
  • HMI display feature lot size programmed & cut completed, program number in use, current drawn by saw motor, etc.
  • Excellent cut-surface finish which does not require any facing operations. Thus significant material and production time savings.
  • Crop cut separator for Trim-cut and Remnant end-piece.
  • Longer cut pieces can be cut very easily as the shuttle stroke is 1000 mm, with multi indexing.
  • Hydraulic Wire brush for efficient and positive cleaning to the saw blade.
  • Automatic swarf conveyor suitable to take out the chips out of the machine.
  • PLC programmable controlled Auto lubrication system for periodic and desired Quantity lubrication.
  • Ergonomically designed machine canopy provides ample space for cutter change, regular check up and preventive maintenance.
  • Infinitely variable saw speed control through Inverter/Variable Frequency Drive.
  • Variable vice pressure for cutting pipes. (Optional)
  • Bar loader for rounds, for Automatic transfer of the bars into the machine. (Optional)
  • Flood coolant system (Optional)
  • Exhaust fume oil separator (Optional) 
  • Automatic Bar loader for Square/Hex jobs, for continuous feeding of the bars into the machine. (Optional)
  • Auto loader front guard of sheet metal. (Optional)